Attending WGU as a Canadian

Let me save you some time – yes Canadians can attend WGU. Check out a tip below for the application process.

Just a few years back, I had a dream of getting that coveted Computer Science degree from the University of Toronto. I got in, kicked off my studies at the downtown campus, even managed to power through the first year. But then came second year – and things didn’t go so well.

My Story

Those couple of years threw me for a loop, life-wise. No amount of preparation could have braced me for what unfolded in my personal life. Long story short, I waved goodbye to the program and found myself diving into a diploma program at a smaller college in Toronto.

Fast forward to today, and I’m thriving in a software development career. As a full stack developer, I’m in my element and working with a stack I love. It’s weirdly satisfying to think that even with that UofT degree, odds are I’d still be working the same job.

But you know how it is – the past sometimes clings on. That unfinished degree? Yeah, it still pokes its head into my thoughts now and then, playing the ‘what if’ game. Luckily I now know of WGU. It’s a chance to finish what I started back then and keep my career on track at the same time.

Can Canadians Even Attend WGU?

The short answer is yes, Canadians are able to attend WGU. This wasn’t always the case which is why some outdated online forums state otherwise. There is one small caveat though – Canadians have to be manually approved by someone in admissions. I’m not sure why.

Protip: What About Needing a US Address & SSN?

In the initial application process you’ll need to submit two things that you won’t have:

  • A ZIP Code
  • A US Social Security Number

I wasn’t sure what to enter here, so I called the school. Their solution was to fill these fields in with zeros. Worked for me!

Attending from Outside US & Canada

I’m not sure about this one, but it’s probably not possible. I’ve spent lots of time on the WGU subreddits and have yet to encounter someone who is outside of the US & Canada. You should always call the school though, I wouldn’t trust me on this.


As I move forward with the WGU CS degree program, I’ll continue to update this blog with anything interesting that I encounter. Looking forward to the journey ahead!

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